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Pop Star Costume – For Her

If there is one age group, which is most worried about their costume choice for Halloween party, it is the teen group or youngsters in their early twenties. This is a normal tendency for youngsters to emulate television and pop stars and as such the different pop starts costumes are in great demand. When it comes to selecting a pop star costume for young girls, there are many choices to consider. You can dress yourself up as the one you identify yourself most with. Here are some choices listed down to make it easy for you to make a decision.

Welcome to PopStarCostume.Com, where we help you to live out your pop star fantasy, one customer at a time!  Perhaps no costumes are more sought after than the pop star costume, and we have a ton for you to choose from.  Pop stars hold the fascination of the masses with their glitzy, glamorous lives, their fabulous fashions, and their unbelievable antics.  Now you can live out that fantasy (and hide from the paparazzi) at the same time – and don’t be surprised if someone doesn’t mistake you for your favorite star when you are wearing these costumes.

Some of the most popular pop star costume options that we see folks searching for are, as you might imagine, also today’s hottest pop stars, like Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Lil Wayne, Justin Timberlake and Eminem.  But the old standby pop stars are also popular, such as Madonna or Ozzy Osbourne.  And let’s not forget one of the most popular pop star costume options for the past two years running – Michael Jackson costumes are still quite the rage and allow you to pay homage to the late, great Michael Jackson in your own way.

Accessories that you might use to spiff up your pop star costume include fake nails, wigs, manicures and pedicures, thick makeup, hair bows and accessories, hair extensions, and more.  Using a picture of the pop star that you are trying to emulate is a good way to get the look down for your pop star costume.  If your costume has a particular outfit with it that the pop star is famous for wearing, you might find a picture of the star in that outfit and attempt to replicate their hair, makeup and nails.

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For most young girls, dressing up with a wig and some shades to look like their favorite artists is the best part of being a fan!

Hannah Montana Halloween Costume

Hannah Montana is one star who is blazing hot and is a role model to every young girl. She has so much energy that every young girl wants to follow her. Hannah Montana costumes are the best sellers, when it comes to pop start costumes. And you may just want to slip in into Hannah Montana costumes this Halloween to feel her energy.

Madonna – the material girl costumes

If Hannah Montana is too young for your age, try a Madonna costume to cast a real impression. There are many gorgeous outfits that this pop star sported during her career; however, the most popular Madonna costumes are from her image of material girl from the ’80s. You can choose from one of her disco costumes from that particular period and recreate the image of a materialistic girl in search of money and fame.

Amy Winehouse – pay your tribute

Dressing up in a Amy Winehouse costume this Halloween is a great way to pay your tribute to this great English songwriter and singer, who passed away recently.   She made waves across the world with her musical as well as her raw attitude. She was an idol to a lot of teens around the world and was also keenly observed in the fashion circuit.

Pop Star Costume ideas for Men

It is anything but an easy job to choose the right Halloween costumes, especially when we have so many choices available at hand. Dressing up as your favourite pop star this Halloween can be an awesome idea and would allow you to slip in the shoes of your favourite pop star at least for a day.

Here are some pop star costume ideas to consider:

Michael Jackson Costume

Michael Jackson would be the first name to be taken whenever it comes to iconic pop stars that ever existed in the history of pop. Why not pay your tribute to this musical icon this Halloween by dressing up in a Michael Jackson costume. Michael Jackson costumes are hugely popular and they are so strikingly similar to this pop star costumes that for a moment people would be confused if Michael Jackson has come back to life again.

Lil Wayne Costumes

Lil Wayne is another hot rapper, you would like to dress up as this Halloween. However, there is more to Lil Wayne look than his style of costumes; and that is tattoos printed all over his body. So don’t miss out on getting those tattoos, when you dress yourself up as Lil Wayne for a complete and perfect look of this pop star.

Justin Timberlake costume

Justin Timberlake is one self-made man and thus a role model to many youngsters. So why not to dress up as Justin for the Halloween party and reignite your spirit of making it big they way Justin did? However, when you decide to dress up as Justin Timberlake, don’t forget to sport the trademark hairstyle that this icon sports.

Accessorizing Your Costume

Creating a superstar Pop Star costume can easily be accomplished using the right accessories. Whether your trick or treater wants to be Hannah Montanna or Justin Beiber, you can add spectacular touches and transform their look quickly. A set of headphones makes a nice addition to the look. These can often be found in a multitude of bright and trendy colors. Adding a microphone to the look allows them to be ready for performance in front of all their fans. Hair extensions and hair bows are great touches for super looks. There are many different styles and lengths of wigs to give the look of any Pop Star look you want.

Measuring for Your Costume

It’s a rock star life when you are wearing a pop star costume, but you want it to fit right, too. While some stars may wear ill-fitting clothes in an effort to show off their ‘stuff’, you likely won’t be too comfortable if your costume is ill-fitting. Measure yourself prior to purchase, and note your sizes against the sizes for the costume. You can find the costume’s dimensions in the product listing, or by clicking on the size chart for the costume. When you’re not really sure about which size is best, order a size bigger as opposed to a smaller size.

How about dressing up as a pop star? For your Pop Star Costume you can draw inspiration from several eras of music. The 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s all had their shares of idols and divas and each one of them is up for the taking. Every one of the stars created their own fashion statements that went on to be legends in the fashion world. You could easily choose any one of them to bring to life and gather all the attention you want at your Halloween party. Go from eclectic to stylish to raunchy and see how much fun you can have this time of year.

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